Aarya Eye Care


The surgical art of creating beautiful eyes

Aarya Eye Care can boast of its oculoplasty department with a fully equipped dedicated theatre for this speciality.

This unit deals with facial aesthetics, Orbital diseases, and reconstruction. Surgeries of aesthetic as well as clinical importance, trauma management, Botox injection therapy complete the bouquet of ophthalmic services offered by Aarya Eye Care

Scopes of Oculoplasty

Eyelids & Brow

  • ▶ Eye Bag Removal: Blepharoplasty
  • ▶ Brow Lift For Brow Drop
  • ▶ Lid Reconstruction After Trauma or Tumour Resection
  • ▶ Entropion and Ectropion
  • ▶ Ptosis Correction
  • ▶ Gold Implant for Lagophthalmos (Bell’s Palsy)
  • ▶ Xanthelasma Removal
  • ▶ Warts Moles And Tags Removal

Lacrimal System

  • ▶ Dacryocystorhinostomy
  • ▶ Punctoplasty
  • ▶ Traumatic Canalicular Laceration Repair with Intubation


  • ▶ Decompression
  • ▶ Tumour Removal
  • ▶ Fracture Repair
  • ▶ Enucleation/ Evisceration with Implant
  • ▶ Socket Reconstruction with Artificial Eye

Botox and fillers

  • ▶ Blepharospasm & Hemifacial tics
  • ▶ Wrinkles crow feet and forehead

Moles warts tags bumps

Removed Using Radio Frequency Cautery, with No Damage to Surrounding Delicate Eye Area.

Eye bags